DMC World Directory is not just a website that assembles the offer and the contacts of excellent DMCs to the travel agencies and tour operators, but it is much more.

Sales force

DMC World Directory is affiliated with two GSA companies specialized in the sale and promotion of tourist products and brands in the travel agencies market and which have a sales forces present daily in the territory and in agencies.

Knowledge of the potential clients in the travel industry market 

These features allow a deep knowledge of the travel agencies market, the characteristics of each agency and their specialization (groups, business travel, honeymoons, individual tourism, incentive travel, congresses).

Moreover DMC World Directory, upon request, is able to give to the DMC company some further information about a specific agency with which the DMC is interested in collaborating.

Reliability of DMC companies

At the same time the choice of DMCs is not random. The contact list of the DMC companies has been carefully selected by choosing companies that can guarantee to the travel agencies reliability, quality of the services offered, competence, knowledge of the territory and above an excellent level of assistance.

Direct contact between the suppliers and the travel agents

The service is absolutely free for all travel agencies registered in the portal and offer a direct contact between the DMC company and the travel agency.

Each registered agency can contact the DMC directly through the site, obtaining telephone numbers, email addresses and other informations.

Every request for quotations and bookings is made directly between the travel agency and the DMC company, as well as the payment of the services. DMC World Directory does not intervene in any way as an intermediary of the transactions, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the competitive characteristics of prices and tariffs offered to the travel agencies by the DMC companies.

We’re present in various countries

We are present in Italy, Switzerland (Canton Ticino), Spain, France and Portugal. 

Each registered DMC has the possibility to consult and contact not only the agencies of a single nation, but has available the informations and the contacts regarding  travel agencies from different countries.

The goal that we have is to increase our presence in other countries so as to guarantee to the DMC companies registered in our portal an ever wider offer.

Work shop and sales blitz

DMC World Directory can take care of organizing work shop events with presentations of the destinations, the DMC companies services to a series of travel agencies interested to participate at the event.

At the same time, the DMC company can contact us to request and arrange an appointment calendar with a series of travel agencies to which it wishes to present their services.

Our sales force will come into direct contact with the travel agencies, verifying the interest and fixing the appointment.

In this way the DMC company can visit one of the countries covered by DMC World Directory being able to count on a calendar of appointments already established and previously verified. On some occasions one of our promoters may accompany the DMC representative to the travel agency.


DMC World Directory, on the basis of the adhesion of the interested DMC companies, will be able to realize special Stands in some of the most important Travel Exhibitions where the travel agencies will be able, in a single Stand, to get in touch with different DMC companies coming from different countries.

The advantage for the travel agency is to find in a single Stand, the ideal interlocutor for their own needs of services for many tourist destinations without having to go around the fair looking for the supplier.

The advantage for the DMC company, besides a sure saving, will be to be present in a Stand that will be visited by the travel agencies that specifically request the specialization and services of DMC companies.

The presence of the Stand at the exhibition will be accompanied by a special promotion, both in the travel agencies and through specialized trade magazines and email invitations to the travel agencies to indicate the presence at the fair of a stand specialized in the DMC offer for many destinations all over the world.

The DMC World Directory staff has many years of experience in participating in Travel Industry Exhibitions such as BIT Milan, TTG Incontri di Rimini, FITUR in Madrid and others.

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